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Dog Sweater

You may be wondering what on earth a dog—any dog—needs with a dog sweater. It may seem the answer is very simple. Humans who are over-indulgent with their pets and treat them like furry babies, rather than the animals that they are. And while that could be the situation in some cases, it is far from true in all cases. The real answer lies with dog breeds. There are many different types of dog breeds. Some breeds have been selectively bred for cold climates, and others have been selectively bred for hot climates where the temperatures never go down and a thick, heavy coat can be uncomfortable and even fatal. Then there are the little dogs that were bred to be small enough to sit on the lap and to be utterly unobtrusive and even worthless except for slight guard dogs and companions. But these small little dogs might not have thick coats. In fact, they might be entirely unsuited and unsuitable for cold weather. In these cases, it’s up to the dog’s owner to make sure the dog stays as warm and comfortable as possible. As a result, many owners seeks out the warmth and convenience of a dog sweater.

A dog sweater is designed to fit dogs—small dogs mostly—comfortably, without restricting movement, air flow, or blood flow. Some can be quite expensive because they are made by hand, while others, which are mass-produced in a factory, can be quite affordable. So a dog sweater can be quite a good deal for quite little dogs.

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