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For most of civilization, dogs have not been seen as pets. Dogs are tools. The reason that dogs were not kept as pets was because they require certain resources that would have been best reserved for the family. As a result, dogs were used to hunt, to herd, to guard, to protect, and even to kill. Dogs were absolutely necessary for many aspects of early civilization, but as humanity settled down into cities and moved away from being hunters/gatherers, dogs began to become more common, though it was still much later before they became pets. We still have hundreds of different breeds as a result, and those traits and characteristics lend themselves to being a house pet in different ways. For example, somebody with a small apartment should never consider a collie breed, because those dogs need room to run and something to herd.

Now when you think about adopting or buying a dog, you should consider your home life, your lifestyle, the size of your home, and what you want from an animal. A playmate for your children? A guard dog? A companion? Something else entirely? In order to be happy with a dog, and to have your dog be happy with you, you need to be informed and educated about the different breeds and the expectations with each breed. If you aren’t, you might have a miserable experience and take it out on the dog that is not doing anything except being their doggy selves. Properly chosen and trained, nothing can be a dog for a pet.

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