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Dog Harness

A dog harness is a devise used to control the dog. It is like a collar, except it fits around the chest and the front legs, instead of around the neck. It is commonly used with aid dogs, but more and more people find the dog harness preferable to the collar, for a variety of reasons. Especially with smaller dogs. First, a dog can’t slip out of a dog harness like it can slip out of a dog harness. Second, the dog harness redistributes the force, and so a good hard tug will stop the dog from unwanted behavior, but it won’t choke the dog. Because of the growing popularity of pet harnesses, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find them in a variety of sizes to fit a wide variety of dogs. Not only are they widely available, they are also increasingly affordable.

If you are wondering if a dog harness is right for your pet, you should stop to consider several different elements. Does the dog routinely pull against the collar and slip out of it? Do you often need to correct certain unwanted or inappropriate behavior? Would you feel more secure if a dog is in a harness rather than a collar? Does your vet or dog trainer suggest using a harness instead of a collar? If you are unsure that the harness will solve problems or improve the situation in general, feel free to talk to a professional about your animal and why you are considering a dog harness.

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